Red Veg (Brighton)

Red Veg is one of those places I'm glad exists, but can quite happily go a few years in between visits.

I first stumbled upon their (now closed) London branch about 10 years ago. I used to eat there regularly around 2004 when in the area a lot.

Red Veg serves vegan 'fast food', sort of like a McDonalds wannabe (but without all the death). Their burgers were at one time highly impressive, but now with the likes of Frys not so much so anymore.

If there was one in every town I'd probably go more often, but as there's currently only one in the country it doesn't happen very often.

The last time they had my custom was in 2006, when they served me a slab of non vegan cheese in my burger. I didn't realise until I'd taken a bite. What was most impressive about the episode was that I was with about 20 other vegans at the time and must have mentioned the word at least 5 times whilst ordering. Hence I wasn't in a great rush to go back.

The food is pretty much how its always been. They only seem to sell one burger, adding sauces / fried mushrooms to create different combinations. They do however sell excellent onion rings.

All things considered I'd rather have a plate of healthy food from Aloka, but Red Veg is worth a visit every 4 years or so just for the novelty factor


  1. this is awesome!! I love the reminds me of drive-in Americana. It makes me want onion rings and greasy, should-be-illegal foods. 8)

  1. Steven said...:

    Funnily enough, I could just eat a bag of their onion rings right now :)

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