Lavender Cordial

Another of this year's creations: lavender cordial.

Making syrup is the first step in making sorbet, which is partly what I had in mind when making this batch.

For the recipe you need dried food grade lavender, which can be found in independent health food stores (I believe that Suma distribute it). I used 50g, which cost under a pound. I could probably have gotten away with using less, but as usual I was making it up as I went along :)

  • 50g Dried Lavender
  • 500ml Water
  • 250g White Sugar
  • Lemon Juice
Heat the water and sugar in a pan, stirring until it has all been dissolved. Wash the lavender and add it to the pan. Stir, cover and leave on a low simmer for about half an hour.

Strain the mixture and add lemon juice to taste. Bottle and keep in the fridge.

Serve with lemonade or use in cocktails. A little goes a long way.


  1. Carissa said...:

    That looks so pretty! Did you like how it turned out?

  1. Steven said...:

    Yea its pretty good - I don't blog my culinary failures :p

    It's very subtle, the flavour is definitely there, but it's not an 'in your face' flavour like fruit squash.

  1. Jimi Conqueror said...:

    That sounds amazing. Bet it would be good in a vodka martini type drink.

  1. Steven said...:

    If I liked martinis I'd try it out and let you know :)

  1. Good idea for a cordial! With this heat I'm looking for alternatives to the water that I seem to be constantly guzzling. I'm such a Brit.

  1. Vegan2Raw said...:

    This looks outstanding! :)

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