Iydea (Brighton)

I haven't much to say about Iydea, other than that I've no intention of setting foot in their cafe again.

Whilst staying in Brighton we visited on 2 consective mornings (8th/9th June) to try their vegan breakfast muffins. Both times we found that they weren't available.

The first time we arrived just on their end of breakfast slot (literally within minutes). Whilst it would have been good if they'd served us anyway, I can hardly hold it against them that they didn't. We instead got our breakfast from Infinity (I'll post about that separately) and decided to try again the following day.

The second day we ensured we arrived 20 minutes before the end of service, just to be sure.

Success? Nope, they weren't willing to make any as they'd already started making lunch.

Why advertise that something is available until a certain time when it's not?

So, all in all I've nothing to say about the place really, other than that I shalln't be rushing back.


  1. Rachwins said...:

    What a shame! I love Idyea. That is pretty crummy though. Hope Infinity served you better! Next time you're down, get yourself to Bill's and ask them to do their full veggie English as vegan... thoroughly fabulous.

  1. Carissa said...:

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  1. Christina said...:

    Oh no, what a shame! Please give it another go when you're next down - it's my favourite cafe in Brighton and never had anything but lovely service from them!

  1. Tina said...:

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ive experienced the same a couple of times there,rude staff made us feel like we were being a nuisance.However I have been recently since those times and maybe it was due to change of staff or something they were helpful.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi there, my name is Jason and I am the duty manager at Iydea, and I came across your blog. Im sorry you were let down by the Iydea team with breakfast. Have you been here since? Well its been over 2 years and I'd like you to try us again sometime soon and I'd be happy to give you a complimentary vegan muffin or coffee, with your order. Our breakfast finishes at 11.15 in the week and 12.00 on Sundays. However we do sometimes run out of breakfast items before this time. Give us a call and speak to myself and arrange a day when Im there. cheers Jason x

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