Infinity Cafe (Brighton)

Despite a thoroughly miserable lady behind the counter at Infinity, we really enjoyed the few things we had there.

I didn't bother photographing the BLT I had on the first morning because it was pretty much just a BLT. The rashers (almost certainly redwoods) didn't look as if they'd been cooked at all, which was a little strange.

When we returned the following afternoon we had cake, which was far more enjoyable. In fact, it was the best cake I've ever had from a cafe/restuarant/shop - up to homemade standard! :O

The banana cake (as pictured above) was really good. I could just eat a slice of that now (damn you blogspot!). I'm definitely going to have a go at making something similar when I get a chance - watch this space.

The chocolate cake was pretty good. Not on the same level as the banana, but still the best chocolate cake I've paid money for.

Infinity also have a shop on the same road, which is similar in calibre/choice/slight overpricedness to Fresh & Wild in London. They weren't stocking Go Max bars anymore (apparently they contain GM), but I picked up a few other things I don't often see, including:
  • Raw cocoa butter - the first time I've ever seen it in a shop, and they had a choice!
  • Cocoa nibs - not sure what to do with them yet, but thought I should probably buy them anyway
  • Raw chocolate mousse - which wasn't great (not surprising as it contains moss!)
  • Maverick Chocolate Honeycomb Bars - which are grim and bare no resemblance whatsoever to Crunchie bars, despite what some people online claim.
  • Chelsea Buns - Not the best ever, but I'd eat again
  • Focaccia - Not up to my focaccia fiend standards I'm affraid :(
All in all, I hope you Brighton people know how bloody lucky you are to have so much choice of tasty things on your doorstep! :p


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Infinity is always on my to do list whenever we get to Brighton. I know they're probably overpriced but when I have such a small selection of stuff week to week it's nice to see what's available so I can at least see if my local shop can order stuff for me! I bought the cacao nibs as well and hardly ever use them but felt I should try some!

    I've not eaten in the cafe in years and years. When my BiL worked there they made their cakes in house but it wasn't cost efficient so they started to buy in, if it's the same lady he buys cakes for special events from they rock, the mince pies are especially wonderful and HUGE!

    I don't know if I'd like all the choice all the time, I think I'd spend all my daylight hours going from shop to shop spending a fortune!

  1. Steven said...:

    I think I'd like it, but it would be dangerous :)

  1. Jimi Conqueror said...:

    Those cakes look fantastic. I need to plan a trip to Brighton! I usually go to the Bristol Vegan Fayrre but I think I will try to go to the Brighton one next year instead.

  1. Steven said...:

    Brighton is honestly one of my favourite towns in the country. I'm not sure how their vegan fayre compares to the Bristol one however, I think it's a lot smaller. I've not been to either though :)

  1. nomnomgirl said...:

    Was the chocolate mousse the one by Living Food Kitchen?

    If so, the lemon cheesecake one is better! Nothing wrong with Irish Moss :)

  1. Steven said...:

    I'm not sure - it's possible :)

    Will check out the lemon cheesecake one next time I get a chance. Am willing to be converted to Irish Moss :p

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