'Rocky Road'

Also known as Chocolate Biscuit Cake with marshmallows in it.

There aren't many things on the Internet I despise quite as much as recipe authors who assign names of food they've never tried to their creations. In many cases they get it wrong, badly.

Thus my use of the apostrophes in the title of this post denotes the fact that I've never tried what is now popularly known as Rocky Road - the concept simply didn't exist in popular culture when I turned vegan 10 years ago. It's a guestimate based on what I've seen and read, with a disclaimer.

Last week we bought a tub of Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows at the astronomical price of £6.99. I've never tried commercial vegan marshmallows due to the cost involved with with their acquisition, but figured it was about time. It is Christmas after all.

I'd like to say that I wasn't disappointed, but I was. They were quite nice, but not great replicas; akin more to sticky, squidgy, vanilla flavoured turkish delight than marshmallows. I probably would buy them again, but not until they cost less than a quarter of the price.

Thus we decided to hang onto them and use them in cooking. Chocolate biscuit cake was the obvious choice.

I've been making this recipe for 6 or 7 years, adapted originally from a 1980's edition of the Bero flour recipe book. I've been tweaking the ingredients to get a good balance between taste, richness and cost of ingredients, settling on those detailed in this post.

  • 300g Dark Chocolate
  • 75g Margarine
  • 100g Golden Syrup
  • 300g Digestive Biscuits
  • 100g Marshmallows
  • 75g Glace Cherries
Melt 200g chocolate, the margarine and golden syrup together in a pan over a low heat, stirring so that the chocolate doesn't burn.

When fully melted remove from the heat and put to one side. Place the biscuits into a freezer bag and smash with a rolling pin. Try not to completely pulverise them; you're looking for a combination of dust, crumbs and slightly larger bits in equal measure. When complete pour into the chocolate mixture and combine until coated.

Add the cherries (halved) and the marshmallows (cut into tiny pieces). Spoon into a foil lined tray, at a thickness that appeals (I like it thick, so 10x20cm). We found the Sweet and Sara marshmallows so sticky that it was easier to put a layer of the mixture into the tray then the marshmallows evenly spaced, with the remaining mixture on top.

Allow to set in the fridge for as long as you can bare, preferably over night. When chilled melt the remaining 100g chocolate and drizzle on top. If you're less lazy than I you should consider tempering it first. Return to the fridge then divide up with a sharp knife when set.

I have honestly no idea how long this keeps for, but it's best served at room temperature rather than direct from the fridge.


  1. I want to make these so much! They look YUM!

  1. Naomi Rose said...:

    Uh, I concur. Looks AMAZING.

  1. Steven said...:

    Thank you :)

    I was going to marble in some white chocolate on the top, but ran out of time.

    The melted chocolate/marg/syrup works pretty well on ice-cream, with bits of chocolate cake/brownie.

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