Mulled Cognac

A simple, warming cocktail.

Mix 1 shot Cointreau, 1 shot VS/VSOP cognac (XO would be a waste), 3 cloves, half a cracked nutmeg, 1 inch stick of cinnamon and the zest of one clementine in a brandy sniffer. Move the glass in circles to coat the sides with alcohol, then light. Allow to flambé until the glass and liquid are warm, then blow out a sip.


  1. mrdrummerman said...:

    Do you know which other Cognacs are Vegan? I'm looking for something to add to Christmas Cakes, but will look out for VSOP anyway.

  1. Steven said...:

    VSOP is a mid-range grade of Cognac, as opposed to a brand. VS is the cheapest, XO the most expensive that you or I are likely to ever drink (£70+ per bottle).

    Remy Martin was vegan friendly when last checked and widely available (their VSOP is often ~£21 a bottle around xmas - otherwise as much as £27).

    We're using tesco spanish brandy this year for our cake - it's £8.99 a bottle, on the latest vegan product list and I'm sure you won't be able to tell the difference when cooked.

  1. mrdrummerman said...:

    Ok, thanks for the pointers. I'll have a look for the Tesco Brandy.

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