Champagne Cocktails

Whilst I can fully appreciate good cognac and good whisky I have no appreciation what so ever for champagne.

I don't know whether it is something I'll grow into or not, but of all that I've tried costing up to £60 a bottle I've found none that I've enjoyed more than a simple glass of juice. Thus when making cocktails using it I opt for £5-£7 Cava instead.

The infamous Champagne Cocktail (sugar cube, 2 drops bitters, 1 tsp cognac, champagne top) is OK(ish), but nothing to get excited about. Kir Royal I just don't get - it's like lemonade and blackcurrant but way more expensive and not as nice. Bucks fizz (with a dash of Cointreau) is drinkable, but again a complete waste of money.

Blend sorbet and frozen fruit however and you're onto a winner. The bubbles give the slushy iced fruit an almost sherbet type quality - it's a perfect summer afternoon drink.

The basic formula consists of:
  • 100ml Champagne / Cava
  • 50g Frozen Fruit
  • 50g Sorbet
however you can adjust to taste. A splash of fruit juice works (especially if you're trying to make the bottle go further), as does a shot of fruit liqueur (such as Cointreau).

The standard version I've been making for the past few years involves mango sorbet and mixed frozen summer/black forest fruits.

Recently I've been experimenting with simpler variations, so you can better taste the individual flavours. Last night's attempts were:

Elderflower & Raspberry

Elderflower sorbet and frozen raspberries. This was my partner's favourite of the three, however if I were to make it again I think I'd use slightly fewer raspberries. Whilst I like raspberries they somewhat drowned out the lovely elderflower taste. Perhaps a shot of elderflower cordial might help?

Update - Yes it does, it makes it one fabulous drink! :)

Mango & Blueberry

Mango sorbet and blueberries. This was our least favourite, but still very drinkable.

Blackberry & Raspberry

This was my favourite of the three - raspberry sorbet and frozen blackberries.


  1. Steven said...:

    A shot of elderflower syrup really boosts the first one! It makes it my favourite one so far.

    We ran out of elderflower sorbet last night, so doubled up the amount of syrup and used raspberry sorbet instead. It was pretty good, but noticably not as.

  1. Mihl said...:

    I don't care that much for champagne and similar things either but this cocktail sounds great. I recently had chanpagne sorbet which was also nice.

  1. VeganCowGirl said...:

    The Elderflower and raspberry combo sounds great! Looks like you guys had a great new years!!!

  1. Steven said...:

    Cava has doubled in price since xmas, onto asti now. Not as good, but at £4 a bottle you can't complain.

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