Hummus Bros (Holborn, London)

I've been subconsciously avoiding Hummus Bros since it opened. Not because I don't like hummus (I do), but because I eat enough of it already - both at home with decent bread (ciabtta, focaccia, pitta etc) and as the staple "I'm desperate" option with a pack of long life pitta - two things I'm sure to find in the middle of nowhere's village shop.

I've eaten a lot of good hummus in 14 years of veganism, including some that I've made myself. Inevitably I've also had my equal share of bad (cheap supermarket) hummus too.

Hummus Bros is a hummus cafe - every dish revolves around a generous bowl of the stuff. You add the toppings of your choice and eat it with pitta bread. It's a simple formula but difficult to get excited about.

I like hummus however, so eventually I gave it a go. If anyone's going to serve good hummus it's a cafe that specializes in it, right?

It turned out that the most expensive hummus I've ever bought was also the least garlicy, salty, olive oily I've ever tasted. In fact I couldn't really taste anything, other than chickpea and tahini. Very disappointing!

Their toppings include omni items - though vegan options are listed on their website and staff pretty clued up it's a shame they're not marked on the menu in store. It's also a shame that their falafel isn't vegan (what's with that?)

I opted for mushrooms and sundried tomatoes as toppings - both of which were good.

No complaints about the fresh pitta either, other than that there wasn't enough of it to eat all of the hummus with!

All in all, it could have been better.

I'll try a different branch at some point (they're a chain) and hope their hummus has more flavour (assuming it's made in house that is).


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