Ruby Tuesday's (Greenwich, London)

A bit of a non-post here - apologies! Ruby Tuesday's isn't a cafe, restaurant or even a shop. It's worth both a mention however and definitely worth a visit if you're ever in the area.

Ruby's is a cake stall on Greenwich market. Why the fuss? Because the cake is good - really good! Everything's vegan and with plenty of gluten free options too.

We got a selection of their wares, including a slice of this Lemon, Raspberry & Pistachio cake:

Which was amongst the best vegan cake I've ever had - in London and beyond. Visually appealing, perfect texture, good flavour and not too sweet (the frosting being more creamy than like eating a bag of sugar).

If only every coffee shop in the country (or even just one in every town) had vegan cake this good, I'd be very happy. And fat(ter)!


  1. Lemon, Raspberry, pistachio is such a great combo. I need to make the effort to visit RT's sometime.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The cakes are actually pretty damn good. Even my non vegan friends love it! You can also tell that the cake are baked daily. In any restaurant or cafe, baking your stuff everyday is a minimum standard; why most of the vegan places keep low standards is a bit of a mystery. People like Ruby give me hope! She should really open a cafe...lets say instead of this gross-low-standard-not-even-cakes cakes n treats shop in camden!!! Oufff the comparaison is arsh

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