The Quay Arts Cafe (Isle of Wight)

I don't often review non-vegetarian places, but then the Isle of Wight's not exactly awash with vegan choice. It's worth ringing The Quay Arts Cafe if you're staying there for any length of time, their menu changes regularly and you could come up trumps.

Located in a former industrial building its interior's large with plenty of tables. From the outside you could certainly miss it if you didn't know it's there. Parking's free onroad outside - we had no problem finding a space at lunchtime in summer.

On the day we went there was only one vegan main - salad. They seemed accommodating though and offered to veganize vegetarian things on the menu. We both went for Mushroom & Thyme Pasta:

Presentation was nice and flavours good. It lacked the creaminess of it's vegetarian counterpart however and wasn't quite balanced as a result. I can see how dishes designed to be vegan by them could be good though, which is why we'll give them another go when in the area next.

Dessert was some kind of iced tray bake. It was coffee flavoured, sweet and chewy - unlike anything I've had before.

Service was friendly and prices reasonable - 2 mains, 2 cakes and drinks came to about £20.


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