Aroma (Lyme Regis, Dorset)

Having been somewhat of a vegan wasteland previously, Lyme Regis has gained not only a vegetarian restaurant (more on this in another post) but coffee shop serving vegan food too. With vegan sorbet available in the seafront at Rinky Tinks (they don't label it - it's a case of requesting to see ingredients, but generally they've 3 flavours available); Lyme's actually not a bad choice to visit for the afternoon.

Aroma's at the bottom of the high street, opposite the town museum. They've a few tables and play space for toddlers at the back. Selection of vegan items isn't vast and there are non-vegetarian options too, but you can tell from the menu that they're aiming towards the allergy free market and have a good understanding of what's what. Food is very much cafe style - expect good coffee accompanied by a cooked breakfast, sandwich, wrap etc. There's no pretension of being a restaurant when it's not, which isn't a bad thing.

We enjoyed our iced soya lattes and falafel pittas:

Pricing's sensible and service friendly. They're welcoming of kids and have menu options to suit. There wasn't any vegan cake on the day we went, but apparently there sometimes is.

We'll certainly return in the future - if they have one or two more vegan options and always stock at least one vegan cake it could become a firm favourite.


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