Tall Poppy Foods (Birmingham)

Tall Poppy Foods produce something the Midlands has previously lacked - decent cake. At the West Midlands Vegan Fair (where naturally we conducted a survey of cake on offer), their cupcakes was both cheaper and in a different taste league to the main competition (which I don't know about you, but I find horrifically sweet).

They sell impressive looking birthday cakes etc via their website and have stalls at festivals, markets etc. For a while they also had a 'hole in the wall' style counter, which we visited shortly before it closed.

I'm not being funny, but the location sucked. If it were somewhere central we'd have been regular customers, but Selly Oak's just a bit too far from, well, anywhere we'd normally go. They've a large student population, but I don't know how much students spend on vegan cake and they'd have to sell a lot at their prices to survive.

We got an impressively large haul of cake and cookies on the day we went for not a lot of money:

Some of the ones that made it home:
We also got a jack fruit burger, which I thought was revolting but @cherrivalentine enjoyed. Blurgh!
I really hope to see Tall Poppy Foods set up business again, someplace with more passing trade.

I'd also like to see their cakes appearing in health food stores and coffee shops (e.g. Urban) if they decide not to have their own presence (hint hint).


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