Zilli Green

Since it's launch in February we've heard mixed reviews for Zilli Green (vegetarian Italian restuarant in Soho, owned by Aldo Zilli), but based on the menu wanted to check it out for ourselves.

Whilst I still think the Guardian article was a little harsh, the experience was not a good one and the food not worth the price. We left feeling deflated and a bit like we'd been robbed by Aldo himself.

I don't feel particularly compelled to write a long blog post about it, if I thought it'd achieve anything I'd rather funnel my effort into writing a complaint.

We visited at lunchtime (arriving at 12.30pm), having been to Saf the night before (i.e. it had a lot to live up to). We were the first people to arrive in what was a small and over cramped restaurant (it's never a good sign when they have to move the table to let you into your seat, then move it back pinning you in!). Service was disorganised and cold - not worth the 'optional' charge.

By 1.30pm it was about 20% full (not exactly buzzing), but we at least benefited from a short wait in between courses.

We ordered a meze to nibble whilst waiting for starter, which was genuinely tasty and worth it's price. My sushi for starter wasn't either of these things however - it was worse than supermarket bought vegan sushi. I can't remember what Becky's starter was - it was that memorable.

My main course was an overpriced burger, served with over manicured, under flavoured chips. Though hungry I left part of the burger. Becky had a tofu+noodle dish that was alright, but fairly uninspiring and with an ungenerous amount of tofu.

We ordered a dessert platter for pudding, which again we ended up leaving some of. The lemoncello cheesecake was quite nice, but not worth the money. The tiramisu cake was better than Inspiral's (some have said it's the same, but it was layered differently) in terms of taste, but still no where near real tiramisu in taste (the Guardian's subliminal advert for dairy quote isn't far off). The carob torte was simply vile and left half uneaten.

The bill came to £62, including 1 alcoholic drink. It was half as good as a meal from The Warehouse in Birmingham costing £30-£40.

I really can't recommend Zilli Green to anyone, especially when there's so many other places to find vegan food in the area.


  1. quarrygirl said...:

    i completely agree with this review! zilli green is okay, but it's ridiculously overpriced and the food tastes like it has been pre-made. there are much better options in london!

  1. Steven said...:

    Glad someone else finally agrees :)

    Have read lots of forum posts from people who seemed to enjoy it.

    I guess It wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt overpriced, but there's just too much round there that is nicer and half the price.

    On a side note, I almost got a job in soho a few years back (with Sony, not working as a prostitute). Glad i didn't - i would be enormously fat by now if i had!

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