I discovered Sagar (South Indian, vegetarian) by chance in autumn 2008, on Percy Street in London. It's sandwiched between Soho Wine Supply on one side (the only shop in the UK I've found selling vegan sweet vermouth) and Camerino (omni Italian restaurant, who did a genuinely good job of catering for me when on a work do there). Two doors down is Joi (vegan chinese, where I've been more times than I'd like to admit).

Though not fully vegan, Sagar has a separate vegan menu with a lot of choice. We returned due to their amazing onion bhajis - unlike any we've had before and very good.

We weren't overly hungry (Friday lunchtime), so ordered some bhajis and popadums to munch whilst waiting for our main courses. As with before; the bhajis were excellent and a generous portion size. For some reason they served condiments to us with one non vegan option, which they pointed out we shouldn't eat. Why include it, or if realising on serving it shouldn't be there, not take it away?

For mains we had masala dosa and some kind of aubergine curry with garlic rice.

The dosa itself was good, but filling a little uninspiring - more like spicy baby food than curry. The garlic rice was tasty, but a little overpriced (£3.95). I can't comment on the slimy vegetable dish, but am informed it tasted good (though a little too spicy).

Sagar's food is, on the whole, well priced. The two of us ate for £23 with soft drinks. You get a lot for your money and the food is reliably OK. I'd certainly return, but not before trying many of the other restaurants on my list.


  1. Tilly said...:


    If you want to eat the best dosa's outside India then you must visit Chennai Dosa is Wembley, North West London!

    I may be biased as the restaurant is a 10 minute walk from my house but my god are they good! Just as good as the dosa I ate in India last year!


  1. Steven said...:

    Thanks for the tip off - their menu looks good and best of all, cheap! Have not been to Wembley before, but the train we take to London passes through it, so it may have to be done at some point.

    There used to be a fantastic vegetarian south indian restaurant in Leicester, who made by far the best dosas I've tried. Sadly it is no more.

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