Vegan London Food Binge

24 hours, 4 restaurants, £200.

Having once visited London and eaten at its vegan restaurants on a regular basis (2000-2004 - I was a student with endless free time and cheap train tickets) I've since been visiting less and less. Not through a dislike of our capital, but through ridiculously expensive walk up fares and slow trains that really don't encourage you to use public transport. In the meantime various new places have popped up that we've yet to try.

To celebrate my partner's birthday we decided to book a hotel and cheap train tickets in advance, then go for an all you can eat food binge, to make up for lost time.

The reviews of the 4 places we ate at (Sagar, Inspiral, Saf & Zilli Green) follow. They range from Exceptional to OK, disappointing and robbery.


  1. pavotrouge said...:

    I love Sagar! Sorry to hear you didn't like Inspiral. I love both the peanut butter chocolate and tiramisu cake and I am not a cake/sweet tooth person usually.

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