Miniature Chocolate Chip Banana Drizzle Cake

Everybody say "awwwwww" - this is the smallest cake I've ever made.

Ages ago (years) I bought a couple of 4" spring form tins, which I don't remember using until tonight. Now that I'm living alone again I need to restrain myself from making standard 8" cakes ;)

I'm not sure how much of a success this cake was, I just decided to have a go. I made a standard sponge with banana and chocolate chips. I made banana drizzle icing, which I'm not sure (according to google anyway) anyone has done before. Perhaps with good reason? :p

It's pretty moist and I think I used a few too many chocolate chips and a bit too much banana. The cake itself physically worked and it tastes pretty good. I'm not so sure about the icing - I was aiming for a buttercream consistancy but a base of 25g mashed banana wouldn't allow this to happen. Personally I don't believe it has enough of the banana flavour in it.

For my notes as much as anything I'm blogging the recipe anyway, on the pretense that it needs some tweaking.

Cake Ingredients:
  • 100g Self Raising Flour
  • 75g Castor Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 100ml Water
  • 25ml Sunflower Oil
  • 75g Banana
  • 25g Dark Chocolate Chips
Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, then add the oil and water. Mix to a batter. Add the banana and mash it into the mixture. Add the chocolate chips and beat as much air in as possible.

Pour into two greased 4" springform tins and cook at 200oc for 20-25 mins.

Remove and allow to cool when an inserted cocktail stick can be withdrawn cleanly.

Icing Ingredients:
  • 25g Banana
  • 125g Icing Sugar
  • 10ml Soya Cream
Mash the banana and add 100g of the icing sugar in stages. Combine to a thin icing, then sieve the lumps/dark bits out. Add the remaining icing sugar and soya cream.

When the cake has cooled apply the icing and eat. As it's quite moist I'm guessing that it may improve over night.


  1. Sarah said...:

    Oh my! I didn't realise from your picture that it was a teeny tiny cake. Greedy me just thought that was a slice right there.

    Sadly I guess this doesn't mean you have excess cake you need help eating?

  1. Steven said...:

    I've only eaten a little bit of it - how soon can you be here? ;)

  1. Jimi Conqueror said...:

    The cake looks delicious. Where did you get the tins from? I usually solve the problem of living on my own by taking the baked goods into work so I don't eat it all myself :)

  1. Steven said...:

    As it's a while ago I can't remember which, but it would have been an independant cookware shop. I've seen them a few times in various places, but not sure about chainstores.

    I'm not sure I like my colleagues enough for that ;)

  1. This little cake looks so good! And I love the idea of it being minature. I'm sure I can convert this recipe to be gluten-free... just need to find the minature spring form pans... any excuse to buy more cookery/foodie/baking stuff!

    Sorry to hear you're living alone again. Hope you're ok. x

  1. Steven said...:

    Though I did eat all of this I'm still not sure about it - a bit too wet.

    Thanks for the condolences, but it's really not a bad thing :)

  1. If it's too wet that's a good thing for converting it to GF as usually I have to change the wet-dry ratio of the ingredients, often by decreasing the amount of flour in the recipe but now I won't have to :)

  1. Mandee said...:

    Cutest cakes, ever! I love banana in baked goods so this sounds so good to me!

  1. Rainbow said...:

    For buttercream icing, try replacing the soya cream with Trex. Add a pinch of salt. Trex is more concentrated than regular margarine so it can absorb more liquid, eg from the banana. Terrible for the waistline though ;)

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