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A month ago I posted a list of UK vegan food blogs that I've found with posts in the past 6 months.

It's 3.45am. I have a stressful day ahead that starts at 7.30am. Having gone to bed at 11.30pm and lain awake till 2am I eventually got up and have been listening to music whilst writing various bits of code, in the attempt to make myself more sleepy.

One of the bits of code I've written is a Google Maps mashup (see above), that shows blogs by location. They're grouped by area - green is 1 blog, yellow 1-5 blogs and red 5+ blogs. Click each marker for a list.

Im' not sure what this achieves, but I'm going to be now. ;)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow, impressive! I really don't get coding. Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep. I have a husband who snores quite regularly; frustrating. Good luck for your stressful day. x

  1. Caroline said...:

    Oooh, I like that :)

    Look at me, all my own lil' green tag.

    I've been really remiss on blogging recently. I think I've gotton a little lazy in what I'm cooking. Well, it's more that I'm eating a lot of things from recipes rather than trying my own thing, and writing about that seems largely pointless.

  1. The Womble said...:

    Thank for sharing this. Have only been a follower for about a week, so didn't see original article. I love vegan food blogs, not that I have time to read all the blogs I am currently following, but can't resist a few new ones. Feel welcome to add my vegan blog to the list.

  1. Steven said...:

    Hello, would be happy to. Where abouts would you like your drawing pin placed?

  1. The Womble said...:

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks, I am in Preston, Lancashire.


  1. David Altheer said...:

    Dear fellow greenies. Lovely site. I found you from Mr Flibble's Vegan Forum query about London's vegan cafe Pogo, a venue my wife and I have enjoyed for years. I am a journalist and you will find the only report on the latest at Establishing the facts is difficult but I am visiting the premises in the next few hours to update my report. -- Davy

  1. LiseyDuck said...:

    I blog at - not always so frequently, but I try to update it every few weeks. As for drawing pins, I'm currently in Nottingham - with long spells in East Anglia that generate posts vegans there might find useful - but probably moving to Stirling in a few months.

  1. Hello - if you're still updating this map, I'd love to be included! I've had vegan blogs in the past but fell out of the loop; now I've started from scratch I'm looking to connect with more UK vegan bloggers - (Hampshire)


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