Miss me?

The more than a little creepy photo shown above is what as kids we were presented with instead of BBC1 when we got up too early on Sunday mornings. Code named Test Card F it was supposedly used by engineers to aide with calibration. Everyone knows however that it was really used to scare children back to bed and not wake up their parents by having the TV on.

My current hiatus from the world of blogging has been caused by a technical fault, which is currently being worked on. I'm not suffering from a lack of things to post about, but rather I've been experiencing a lack of ability to take vaguely decent photographs of things I've made of late. I don't like posts without pictures and I don't like crap pictures, so I'll return when I'm back into the swing of things.

At the weekend I painted what until I have money to build a home cinema I'm affectionately calling my studio. I've quite a bit of lighting equipment that's too bulky to use in the kitchen, so I'm going to endeavour to use it more now that I have a permanent setup and no excuses not to.


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