222 (London)

222 Veggie Vegan is (confusingly) a vegan restaurant, on a random street in West London. I'm probably one of the last vegans I know to visit, but it wasn't until I was at Earls Court recently that I've ever been in walking distance.

The decor's clean & pleasant with a reasonable number of tables. Service was polite / friendly / efficient.

I visited on a weekday lunchtime and didn't have long, so went with the all you can eat buffet option.

The lunch buffet's £7.50 all you can eat, which is pretty reasonable. I can't comment on how often the selection changes, but I enjoyed almost everything I tried:

It all seemed quite fresh & included a good variety of flavours.

I read favourable reports of their pancakes over the years, so ordered one when I arrived to be ready when I'd finish mains:

Top marks for presentation, good marks for flavour.

Price was OK (£5.25), however the pancake texture could be improved - it's impossible to cut through within massacring the whole dish and ending up with a big sloppy mess! I expect that if they used non-wholemeal flour it'd be easier to cut.

Overall though, I was quite pleased with the meal. I'll certainly return next time I'm in the area.


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    You take great photos too :)


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