Ah, blogging. I remember that. I even think I used to make posts every now and then.

It's been a while, hasn't it? Between November 09 and November 10 I made a total of 85 posts - roughly one every 4 days.

Then, all was silent.

What changed?

A few months back I did some thinking - there'd been something on my mind for a while. Ashamed though I am to admit it, it took me a whole 11 years of veganism to finally realise - I've been living a lie.

It would seem that veganism just isn't for me after all.

Since then I've never felt better, being able to binge on McDonalds and KFC, totally guilt free. There just really isn't enough diversity of flavour and nutrition in vegan food. It's so limiting and bad for your health.

Everyone's welcome to make their own choices, but those who choose veganism are just ill-informed, unintelligent wasters. Don't make the mistake I did - no one will think less of you if eat that big piece of steak you've been longing for.

No, not really :p

Life is good. Still happily vegan - I've just been keeping busy recently with many of the other things that I enjoy.

I don't do boredom - I have way more hobbies and interests than time to devote to them. Being at uni (4 year of holiday camp) was OK, but since I've been working I've just had to focus on a few at a time. It just so happens that it's been blogging's turn to take the back seat in the past couple of months.

There's lots of good stuff happening in my life at the moment and things are moving forward in an ever positive direction.

I've gotten back into renovation work and have built the dedicated home cinema I've been day dreaming about for years. I'm not the world's biggest movie buff, but it's more than awesome to have a 120" screen at your own place. I got a 3D HD projector and built the screen for it myself, using material direct from the cinema industry's largest supplier. Thanks to various deals on ebay and forums, I picked up about £900 worth of Mission speakers for £250. It's all coming together nicely and whilst a load more work to do, it looks pretty damn sweet so far. We christened it with its first movie a couple of weekends ago and I'm looking forward to getting some friends round and a console hooked up.

I love Christmas, but this year's was sadly a write-off. I took the longest holiday from work in 6 years (16 days!), then promptly caught flu and didn't recover until it was time to go back! (sod's law, huh?). Christmas dinner is normally a big calorie fest, but I managed a mere mouthful before feeling sick.

In the hours before I got ill though it snowed, a lot. I braved the roads and bought a sledge (they only had pink ones left, but I don't mind). We had one good day at least, which we'll just assume was xmas day:

I'm not really a winter person, but this one's going OK. I'm still totally looking forward to the summer - hammocks, camping, paddling, picnics, exploring the countryside - it's all good. It's winter though right now and I actually don't mind.

There's also my relationship with food to factor into the non-blogging equation. I like food. A lot. Over the past few months however my taste buds have been changing and I've been craving sweet food less and less. Having once been obsessed with cake, I could now quite happily go without for a month or two. I drank some ale this evening and it didn't taste horrible (granted, it didn't taste good either). There's a chance I may even start liking vegetables next......

Anyway, ramble over. I still like food and my photography totally needs the practice. I expect that I probably will post on this blog again at some point in the not so distant future.

If I don't, then I thank you all for reading and suggest that you come find me on twitter instead. Actually, do that anyway :)


  1. Kraeutertopf said...:

    It is a pleasure to read this blog! And you really shocked me with your first sentences..luckily it was just a joke ;-)
    Enjoy your time off, enjoy your time with yourself and if you have time - I am very happy to read your recipes.

    Best greetings from Austria!

  1. Carol said...:

    This post made me laugh. I've actually found that I don't enjoy blogging, I'd much rather read other people's blogs than write my own. But I guess that's a bit selfish! That home cinema sounds amazing. Good to hear from you.

  1. Diana said...:

    I thought I was having a déjà vu...reading about another ex-vegan's orgasmic meat indulgence! Phew, it's an orgasmic man-cave episode instead ;)
    Just stumbled on your blog, and have been enjoying the recipes. You must reveal your secret of getting over cake obsession...because I am still stuck in this Hellish Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house!

  1. Steve said...:

    The amount that has been happening recently, you scared the bejesus out of me!!

    Looking forward to a (cake) blog posting soon.

  1. Claire said...:

    Wow, at first this shocked me! I'm glad you are joking because I've been missing your posts! (And food porn)
    Following you over at twiiter now!

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