Creme de Menthe

is good stuff.

I tried mint syrup as a kid and wasn't impressed. I was therefore not overly excited to find that De Kuyper alcoholic creme de menthe is vegan a month or so ago when @M_tohappyvegans wrote to them to check. It turns out that both the white stuff (which I've never seen in shops) is vegan, as well as the green stuff (in most supermarkets).

As part of my quest to own all vegan suitable booze I bought a bottle anyway, and was pleasantly surprised.

It mixes incredibly well with chocolatey things, such as chocolate soya milk. I plan to make a mint chocolate torte at some point (I've still not made this again since I blogged it back in Feb).

It also works really well in hot chocolate, substituting creme de menthe for kahlua in this recipe.

I've drunk half a bottle so far (with help) and will no doubt find other combinations that work well with it.

Edit: Now I think about it - I've actually made quite a few good tasting cocktails using this now. Too bad I can't remember how to make any of them.....


  1. Eimear said...:

    Good to see you posting again. Mint flavoured hot chocolate sounds amazing!

  1. would you like to tell me, how this delicious looking hot chocolate was made? you did it by yourself?
    thank you so much

  1. Anonymous said...:

    äh, sorry, i found it by myself...

  1. Steven said...:


    I've made this a few times now, it's the best :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Bols creme de menthe is also vegan (as are all their liqueurs).

  1. Steven said...:

    Interesting - do you have a link / email from them confirming this? I've not had much luck when contacting them in the past. Barnivore only has Galliano listed for Bols.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    My vegan friend made enquiries when working in the drinks industry (and I've seen the same info posted online - all vegan apart from two obscure items).

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I got this from De Kuyper today:-

    "We have received your question about vegan friendly liqueurs, especially Creme de Cacao and Cherry Brandy which are suitable for vegans.

    All our clear liqueurs, like Creme the Menthe, Peachtree, Crème de Bananes, Blue Curacao and Watermelon are vegan friendly.

    Hope to have informed you sufficiently I remain,

    Met vriendelijke groet / Best regards,

    Quality Assurance
    De Kuyper Royal Distillers"

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