Chocolate Egg Eating Festival Greetings

It's been a good year for both vegan chocolate eggs and accidentally vegan hot cross buns.

My excuse for not being a better blogger this week is that we're away on holiday in Dorset at the moment.

We made 2 cakes for the day itself, a standard chocolate buttercream and a made up almond marzipan one. I substituted 100g flour for 100g ground almonds and vanilla essence for almond in my standard sponge. I then added a layer of marzipan to the batter and cooked at a lower temperature for an extended period. The resulting cake got covered with marzipan and lightly grilled.

It tasted pretty damned good, but was quite moist and would be better suited as a bakewell tart sponge rather than a cake in its own right. I'll blog it if I ever get round to it (there is some shortcrust pastry that needs using as it happens.......)


  1. Little Hands said...:

    aww the chicks are so cute!! Vegan hot cross buns eh?! I didn't know these existed or I would have been eating them all weekend. Perhaps this is a good thing I didn't know about them!

  1. Steven said...:

    Waitrose and M&S HCB were listed vegan this year, Sainsburys and Tescos had ones that looked vegan ingredients wise:

  1. I didn't know any Hot Cross Buns were vegan! I am such a lazy vegan.... that cake looks lovely!

  1. Happy hols! Hope the weather's good; it's lovely here in Bristol.

    That cake looks yummy. I only found one vegan AND gluten-free easter egg this year; it was elizabeth shaw mint chocolate one (i think that's what it's called). And it cost the earth. Enjoyed it though :)

  1. Steven said...:

    I found the Elizabeth Shaw ones too (and gave 3 away). Terrible price, but I insist on giving vegan gifts and they're more palettable to omnis than most dark choc. The egg seemed to be that of their mint crisps, minus the bits, so tasted pretty good.

    I received a Montezumas dark, divine dark (with choc brazils) and a Waitrose dark. The mini eggs on the cake are whizzers that have been around for donkey's years.

    Weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days.

  1. Mandee said...:

    Gorgeous photo, I love the little chicks :)

  1. Steven said...:


    They're feeling a little sorry for themselves at the moment, after being crushed on the journey home. I think most of them will survive, though those that do still need chocolate icing cleaned from their feet :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Aw, what a cute cake! Love the decorations. Usually when I make cake I start eating it before I have time to do much decorating of it...

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