UK Vegan Food Blogs

So, it would seem that online blog directories tend to suck at letting you see UK only blogs. Thus I've decided to share my list compiled from forums, twitter, google searching etc of blogs with posts in the past 6 months. They are divided by country and ordered by last post date.


Brighton: Vegan in Brighton
London: Artichoke Zine
London: Wednesday Food Blogging
Midlands: Cooking the Vegan Books
Midlands: Increasing Veganicity
London: To Happy Vegans
London: The Gluttonous Vegan Loves YOU
Buckinghamshire: Ready, Veggie, Cook
Southeast: The Messy Vegetarian Cook
Essex: Maple Spice
London: Laminated Cat
Surrey: Alien on Toast
London: Intellectual Blackout
London: Sipping On the Sweet Water
Brighton: Vanilla Sugar
London: Student Vegan from the UK
London: The Great Vegan Conspiracy
Midlands: Vegan Foody
London: Ankes Cocktails


Bathgate: Skint Vegan
Edinburgh: Thistle and Yellow Rose
Glasgow: Glasvegan


Gluten-free tries Vegan

If you know of more then please comment and at some point I'll update this list.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Great idea! I've been trying to form a list of UK vegan blogs for a while but have failed to find as many as you have; good job :) I'm reviewing some vegan products that are available in the UK on my blog shortly so that'll be good. I find it frustrating when I read the US blogs that review delicious products that we can't buy over here. Bring on the vegan Brits!

  1. Rachwins said...:

    This has totally shoved me into getting off my bottom and posting again- what a good idea!

  1. Debbie said...:

    Thanks again! I forgot to mention Kathy who runs this blog: -London based and fab! She's also on twitter @kathyf ;)

  1. Steven said...:

    Thanks! Added and followed.

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