Vegan White Chocolate Syrup

After discovering that Routin 1883 white chocolate syrup is vegan a few months back we've managed to get through a whole litre of it. White chocolate syrup is great in (ice)cream cocktails, but £6 a bottle (exc postage) is a little steep.

I waited years for vegan white chocolate to come available in the UK (in the meantime conducting several experiments with cocoa butter, which whilst resulting in some great white chocolate massage bars wasn't overly edible) and when it did (Organica) was quite disappointed.

The new Dairy Free White Chocolate Buttons in supermarkets are both a lot nicer and cheaper than Organica. Thus I decided to have a go at making some white chocolate syrup myself to save on cost.

The results are pretty good, and worth blogging.

It should be noted that this doesn't create a litre of liquid that tastes like melted white chocolate, it tastes like syrup (i.e. mega sweet) with white chocolate flavour in. It should be used as an ingredient not drunk neat and should be used sparingly!

  • 275g white sugar
  • 600ml boiling water
  • 150g white chocolate, broken up

Simple - put all ingredients in a pan and bring to the boil whilst stirring. Immediately take off the heat and stir until disolved. Decant into a clean bottle and allow to cool. Should keep for several months in a cool place. Some of the chocolate may start to solidify if kept in the fridge.


  1. Caroline said...:

    This sounds yummy! I miss white chocolate so much, and I've never seen any of the organica stuff to buy so I'll scouring the shops for the Dairy Free stuff.

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